Ideological Immersion

10-Day Intensive for Sincere Sadhakas

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti provided humanity with a comprehensive view of spiritual science and plan for the new age. Ananda Seva Mission is offering an opportunity for a 10-day intensive for study and sadhana in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. With a focus on study of the ideology in a community of spiritual aspirants, attendees can expect to be propelled into a future they could only have imagined.


Greg Henschel

Greg Henschel (Govinda) – Acharya Govinda began teaching yogic meditation to the public in 1974, and has since led classes and trainings on yogic practices and meditation in various locations in the US and in Europe. He further developed core materials used in acharya training and led acharya training in the Philippines. Govinda lives with his wife, Francey in the Washington DC area.

Ravi Logan

Ravi Logan (Ravi) – Acharya Ravi’s yoga practice spans 48 years. He’s traveled eight times to India for trainings and pilgrimages, and lectured and taught internationally, including in Jamaica, Russia, Korea, India, Philippines, Europe, and Cyprus. In 2002 he founded and has served as program director for the Dharmalaya Center, recognized as an important spiritual and community center in Eugene, Oregon. He’s developed and led Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Life Training, and Dharma Training programs at Dharmalaya. He’s also served as an instructor in past Tattvika and Acarya trainings. He is the primary author of the Ananda Seva Tattvika Training Manual and developed the Ananda Marga Philosophy Home Study Program.

Alberta Pedroja

Alberta Pedroja (Ammadevi) – Ammadevi has been meditating for almost 50 years. She took training to become an acharya in 2003 and launched a unit in Los Angeles. She is an experienced educator and public speaker. She will be offering the talks on leadership and some of the spiritual topics and working with trainees on their ability to provide classes. She came to Eugene to volunteer her time for one year in hopes of strengthening the organization and inspiring others to appreciate Anandamurti’s glorious mission. Prior to coming to Eugene, she was a healthcare executive and she worked as a healthcare consultant, concentrating on change management and performance improvement.

Where and When?

The training will be held in idyllic Eugene, OR, at Dharmalaya from August 24 – September 3, 2018. If you’ve never meditated in the Anahata, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you know what I mean. Lodging will be provided at Dharmalaya or within walking distance of the Anahata.

Cost – $1000

Scholarships are available for overseas applicants.

How to Apply

A typical applicant will have been meditating a year or more with the discipline to meditate on a daily basis. To complete an application, we require a reference to insure the applicant’s ability to benefit from the program.  There is 

a $100 deposit required.  To apply, click here.