Cosmic Mindfulness in the Yogic Tradition

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Address:  95 Riverdale Ave. Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1S 1N3



Phone: (613) 298-2447

Programs at Cosmic Mindfulness

Evening Meditation Class Series
Wednesdays at 7:45 pm

Simple tools for developing inner peace. Meditation in the yogic tradition.

This series is suitable for people wanting to establish or deepen a meditation practice. Each participant will be provided with personal instruction and mentoring in addition to the weekly classes

Each class will incorporate stretching, yoga breathing exercises and a guided meditation. Students will benefit from group support, personal instruction, mentorship and study materials.

Lunch Hour Meditation Class Series

Every Wednesday at 12 pm

Join us each week for our lunch hour class involving simple yoga stretches (no yoga props necessary), breathing exercises, chanting and a guided meditation.

If you are interested in establishing a personal mindfulness practice, this is the place to start. Both beginners and those who have meditated for years can benefit from a calm and supporting environment. Have you ever noticed how difficult it seems to keep your individual meditation practice going?

Sometimes we are a bit hard on ourselves and conclude “I’m just not cut out for this meditation stuff, when I sit to meditate my mind just wanders all over the place.” However, the same people find that at participating in group meditation allows the mind to settle quickly into a place of deep inner calm.  Click here to learn more about meditation.

About Acharya Chandranath

On the first day that I went to university, I noticed an ad for yoga classes and started attending them weekly. Two months later the yoga teacher announced that a monk, his meditation teacher, would be visiting and people could come to an evening of spiritual inspiration with him. A few days afterward, the monk gave me Diiksa (initiation in the meditation practice and the transfer of Shakti or spiritual energy).

I had heard that people received mantras attuned to their personality and when I was told that my mantra meant “love” it impressed me deeply. I felt very blessed and inspired. (It was only later that I understood that all mantras had spiritually inspired meanings).

I practiced meditation and yoga postures twice a day regularly. A few months later, one full moon night, I felt a flow of energy up my spine and my mind was filled with light. I had a blissful feeling of being in the presence of an infinite consciousness. This experience completely changed my understanding of what a human being is, as well as changing my outlook on life.

I feel blessed to have received that experience because it set me on spiritual path and propelled me into a relationship with my spiritual master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. I was initially reluctant about the idea of having a Guru; I didn’t like the whole notion of giving over responsibility for oneself to another being. However, I was inspired by Anadamurti’s writings on social problems, ecology, economics and the profound vision he shared for a world based on fundamental spiritual values and respect for all life. I came to have a deeply profound relationship with him, and still do.

In 1988 a close spiritual friend was sharing a time off meditation and reflection with me and asked me what my deepest desire was for this life? Without thinking I reached inside myself and said that I desired to be a householder Acharya (ordained spiritual teacher). I had read many inspiring stories about householder spiritual teachers and aspired to be one. At that moment, a profound spiritual energy entered me and I strongly felt my Guru’s presence within. As spiritual messages go it was about as blunt as a stick over the head; I needed to follow this path.

However, the means to realize this was some years away and it was in the mid-nineties that I had a chance to fulfill this deep calling. In 2001, I became an ordained family “Acharya” within the lineage. Teaching meditation and sharing the subtle presence of my spiritual teacher give me great fulfillment and joy.

Tantric Yoga Meditation Centre

Nanaimo, BC Canada

Address:  6325 Redonda Place, Nanaimo, BC


Phone: (250) 668-9576

Programs At Tantric Yoga Meditation Centre

Group Meditation
Sundays at 6:00 pm

Join us for group meditation led by Jaya Deva, an acharya, or a yogic minister.  All traditions are welcome. Each session is held every Sunday at 6 pm at Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community in Nanaimo. Our time together is called called Dharmacakra, which means the Great Wheel of Righteousness in the Sanskrit language. It involves four steps:

• First, we will learn how to do kiirtan, which is a spiritual, musical dance to prepare us for group meditation. While doing kiirtan, we will be listening to the Sanskrit musical chant “Baba Nam Kevalam”, or roughly translated as “Love is All There Is.”

• Second, we will chant some Sanskrit verses from the ancient Rig Veda that will help unify us together as a spiritual, meditation group. And please don’t worry about the Sanskrit…it’s an ancient, spiritual language and I will provide all translations so that you may learn the basics.

• Third, we will then meditate in silence for 30 minutes. I will provide guided meditation and teach the group to use specific mantras to calm our “monkey minds” and focus our breathing.

• Fourth, after meditating (or doing Sadhana), I will introduce an interesting spiritual topic, such as “Why Am I Here In This Life and What Is My Purpose, or Dharma?” Or, “how may I obtain peacefulness in a chaotic world?” We will discuss these questions together for another 30 minutes or so prior to ending the session. I will also read some passages by the Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti that will help guide us in our exploratory discussions.

So, if you have never meditated before, or have been doing it for a while, I’m sure you will find the experiences heart-opening, thought provoking, and pleasurable.

I will also offer my services (free or by donation) for individualized meditation techniques and practices. These are very effective for achieving spiritual enlightenment and they have a 7,000-year history when Lord Shiva first introduced them in the Indus Valley, located in modern day Pakistan.