Surf The Wave Of Transformation


May 30, 2020 | ZOOM EVENT

Surf The Wave of Transformation

Online Yogathon

Date: May 30, 2020
Time: 9:00 am-4 pm PDT
Cost: By Donation
Place: Zoom Platform (Link Will Be Sent After Registering Using The Form Below)

Ananda Seva, a non-profit service organization for thirty years, is holding its first online yogathon for education and awareness building. It is a live, six-hour event where you can share your love of yoga.

Our goal collectively is to raise funds to present programs to underserved populations and improve our broadcasting technologies.

Your financial support, through tax-deductible donations, will ensure that we continue to provide professional and inspirational classes, events, and trainings to help uplift society and transform the world.


Times are Noted in Pacific Standard Date Time (PSDT) and Eastern Standard Date Time (ESDT)

Welcome to the Yogathon: 9:00 PSDT/12:00 ESDT

Introduction: 9:10 am PSDT12:10 pm ESDT

Kiirtan and Meditation: 9:15 am PSDT/12:15 pm ESDT

Laughing Yoga: 10:00 am PSDT/1:00 pm ESDT

Yoga Therapy: 10:30 am PSDT/1:30 pm ESDT

Guided Meditation Class: 11:00 am PSDT/2:00 pm ESDT

Kaoshikii Dancing: 11:30 am PSDT/2:30 pm ESDT

Break: 12:00 pm PSDT/3:00 pm ESDT

The practice of Spiritual Neohumanism: 1:00 pm PSDT/4:00 pm ESDT

Kid’s Yoga: 1:30 pm PSDT/4:30 pm ESDT

Implementing Neohumansim through Economic Democracy: 2:00 pm PSDT/5:00 pm ESDT

Chair Yoga: 2:30 pm PSDT/5:30 pm ESDT

Kiirtan/Meditation/Dynamic Dharma Talk: 3:00 pm PSDT/6 pm ESDT

Conclusion: 3:50 pm PSDT/6:50 pm ESDT

How Your Donated Funds Will Benefit Ananda Seva!

With your generous donations, Ananda Seva can purchase:

$ 1500 for cameras for online classes, transformational trainings, and more

$ 500 for light and sound equipment for webinars and live video courses and programs

$ 500 scholarship funds for those wishing to participate in our classes and trainings

This multi-event yogathon has a $150 value (or $20 per event) so please donate what you can depending on your income. Your generous contributions will be greatly appreciated and help make a difference!

Thank you,

The Ananda Seva Team

Your Ananda Seva Instructors

Harry De Oliveira

Harry De Oliveira

Harry, a meditation and yoga instructor with many years of practice, is our “Master of Ceremonies” and will introduce our program to viewers and provide instruction on how to use the Zoom platform.

Jaana Karjalainen

Jaana Karjalainen

Jaana, a yoga teacher and physiotherapist, will lead a fun class in Laughing Yoga.

  • This technique is learning how to laugh without telling any jokes. It is based on a fact that our body doesn’t recognize the difference if we are laughing for a specific reason or if we do laughing yoga exercises. In both ways, we get the good effects of laughing! 
  • Laughing yoga is yoga, because it includes some important breathing exercises of yoga. It increases the amount of oxygen in our body! When we have enough oxygen in our body, we stay healthier!

  • Through the activation of diaphragm laughing activates paratympanic nervous system, which will make us more relaxed! 

  • Laughing brings positive energy to our mind, body and emotions! It releases endorphins, hormones, which transports messages about forgiveness, love, care and affection! 

Kaverii Blochlinger

Kaverii Blochlinger

Kaverii, a yoga therapist, meditation instructor, and herbalist, will be offering the following class:

  • Yoga Therapy and Daily Wellness – learn the importance and basics of a home practice to nurture and reinvigorate the whole being.
Genevieve Mason

Genevieve Mason

Genevieve holds a doctorate in music.  Currently, she is enrolled in Ananda Seva Teacher Training and she will lead musical programs on:

  • Kiirtan and Meditation.  Discover the combination of footsteps, arm gestures, and mantra named “kiirtan.” This very simple dance will open your heart and enhance your concentration, preparing you for meditation.  The many benefits of meditation are now well recognized, and you will enjoy the wonderful experience of stillness and peace.
  • Kaoshikii.  Discover another spiritual dance that will bring you great vitality.  The benefits of this practice are multiple; it increases longevity, stimulates the hearth, creates strength and flexibility….It may become part of your life once you learn it!
Calleen De Oliveira

Calleen De Oliveira

Calleen, an instructor with 30+ years of yoga practice and teaching, will lead the following classes:

  • Kids Yoga – Kids will practice breathing exercises, yoga poses, visualizations, and relaxation activity. The class is created with a skill set in mind, so kids can practice and embody the skill through mindfulness and movement.
  • Chair Yoga – Therapeutic adaptive yoga postures for bodies of all types and conditions.  These safe, simple and easy movements are modified to do in a chair to execute anywhere through breathing and stretching thus opening yourself to the path of peace.
Christopher Simmonds

Christopher Simmonds

Christopher, a meditation instructor with over forty-five years of spiritual practice and teaching, will offer guided meditation sessions throughout the program.

Ronald Logan

Ronald Logan

Ronald, an instructor in yoga and meditation with 50 years’ experience, will discuss “Neohumanism’, the groundbreaking transformative philosophy for these critical times.

Jason Schreiner

Jason Schreiner

Jason, president of the PROUT Institute and an Instructor of Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, will lead discussions on “Economic Democracy for Our New World.”

Marc Nevas

Marc Nevas

Marc, a meditation instructor with more than five decades of meditation and teaching of yogic spiritual practices and philosophy, will lead a dynamic talk on how “Follow Your Heart in Today’s World.”

Joshua Nelson

Joshua Nelson

Joshua is a neurologist who recently retired from private practice in Newark, Ohio.   He has been practicing meditation for 50 years.

He is president of the Ananda Seva Mission in the United States and has participated in managing meditation centers in California and Ohio since the 1970s.  He has helped establish community resources such as a recycling center, a homeopathic clinic, and a free clinic.   Presently he teaches and gives instruction in meditation in Granville, Ohio.

Guy Prouty

Guy Prouty

Guy, a meditation and yoga instructor for 15 years, along with being a  professor of anthropology (archaeology) and a professional videographer, will be your “Technician Master.” He is taking care of the technical details behind the scenes for the yogathon. 

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