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Ananda Seva offers an online seminar for people with a particularly sincere interest in learning yoga philosophy and practices.

This seminar program will meet weekly. Instruction will be in a seminar-type format, with a strong emphasis on forming a supportive learning community among participants. Class sessions will focus on deep discussion of this powerful philosophy of mind and its relevance to personal life and substantive presentation of yogic practices and vitalizing lifestyle. In addition to weekly classes, participants will have access to an online recorded course on yoga psychology through Transformation Education.

After submitting the registration form below, a Zoom link will be emailed to participants.

DATE: April 13th – May 18th
weekly on Tuesdays

TIME: 5:-00-7:00 pm PT


PRICE: $120 


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    Baba’s Birthday

    Baba’s Birthday

    Every year on the full moon in May, Ananda Seva celebrates the birth of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. This year we celebrate his 100th!  He was dedicated to the task of planetary transformation and the upliftment of humanity.  The expansive philosophy, teachings, and...

    Heartspace Meditation

    Heartspace Meditation

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    Neohumanism as Antidote to Conspiracy, Dogma and Exploitation

    Neohumanism as Antidote to Conspiracy, Dogma and Exploitation

    Join Jason Schreiner for an informative and inspiring class. Our world is currently awash in misinformation and conspiracy theories that act as poisons to the human intellect, numbing critical thinking and obscuring people’s perceptions and understanding of reality....

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