(Formally International Satsaunga)

 A Satsang is a spiritual community gathering. This is a time each month that we come together from across our local communities to uplift our practice as one. The program includes songs, spiritual dance (kaoshikii), meditation, and a special monthly offering.


: Saturday, May 7th

TIME: 8:00AM-9:30AM PT

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COST: Free

May’s Offering: MICROVITA

Microvita or “small life” is a powerful, creative life force that can be used in medical treatment and care. It was first introduced by P.R. Sakar, a noted Tantric yoga spiritualist. 

This is a three-part presentation.  First, Dr. Guy Prouty will deliver a brief introduction that shows how indigenous peoples have used plants for medicine, revealing that the awareness of subtle healing energy is ancient.

Second, Dr. Joshua Nelson will explain the science of microvita, followed Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman, who will lead a practical demonstration of the power of microvita.

Please bring a piece of fruit for this event.  We will end with a question-and-answer period.

Guy Prouty, Ph.D. is a medical anthropologist and teaches at Boise State University.

Joshua Nelson, OD, is a retired physician of neurology.

Jeffrey Zimmerman, OMD, is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and founder of Microvita Healing where you can find dynamic classes, readings, and techniques to heal yourself. 



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