This 4-part course focuses on the role of neohumanism as a guide for navigating the upheavals of planetary transformation we are currently living. 


We will explore the full facets of neohumanism as an integral view of reality, as a critical lens for discerning division and exploitation, and as a “reconstructive imaginary” for envisioning a world based on life, love, and liberation for all beings.  We will endeavor to consider significant social problems such as economic inequality, racism, patriarchy, imperialism, ecological destruction, and disenchantment as opportunities for intervention, transformation, and redirection along pathways that cultivate equality, healing, cooperation, justice, balance, and fulfilment.  


Participants will have opportunity to apply their understanding of neohumanism by using its conceptual tools to diagnose a social ill of special concern for them and prescribe a remedy of action for engaging it. 


The first three class sessions will provide a thorough overview of the terms, concepts, and underlying aims of neohumanism, including examples of social problems and interventions that illustrate these in practical ways. The fourth class session will involve participants in giving presentations in which they share their application of neohumanism to a social issue of importance to them. 

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DATE: Saturdays October 2nd-23rd

TIME: 10:00 – 11:30 am Pacific Time


PRICE: $80


Jason Schreiner is President of PROUT Institute and Associate Director of the Teaching Engagement Program at the University of Oregon, where he teaches graduate seminars in engaged pedagogy and courses on social and environmental justice. He regularly presents on P.R. Sarkar’s theories of neohumanism, PROUT, and aesthetic science, and is currently completing a book titled Philosophy of Neohumanism: Life, Love, and Liberation for All Beings, and developing a reading guide for Sarkar’s The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism. Jason is also researching the history of critical liberation thought, which brings P.R. Sarkar into dialogue with key figures in liberation philosophy, critical realism, anticolonial movements, and the black radical tradition. Jason also brings years of experience in farming and community-based NGOs to his work.


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