Ananda Seva Mission Transformational Training

August 06th-14th, 2021 | At the Dharmalaya Center, Eugene, Oregon

Transform yourself. Transform society.

Transform yourself. Transform society. 

August 06-14th, 2021

At the Dharmalaya Center, Eugene, Oregon

A training for those who aspire to activate their dharma, personally and collectively.
This is a time that calls for transformation. Transformation in our worldview, our core values, our lifestyle and our social practice is necessary for humanity and our planet to move forward. The transformation now needed starts with the inner transformation of individuals and moves out to bring transformation of the society.

Ananda Seva’s Transformational Training is a holistic program for those who are inspired to change themselves to become effective facilitators of change in the world.

9 day residential training includes

food, lodging & program

Regular Cost: $1,200
Early bird Cost: $1,000
Bring a Friend: $1,000 each

Contact us for limited scholarship possibilities.

Important Note: Covid-19 safety protocols will be followed with social distancing and mask wearing required.

Transformational Training

This training addresses three fundamental dimensions of change:

  1. change in the vitality, character, and consciousness of individuals
  2. change in the value base of society
  3. change in social systems


For transforming individuals, this program emphasizes meditation, vitalizing yogic lifestyle, practices, supportive community, and perennial ethical practices.

For transforming social values, this program introduces neohumanism, a philosophy and way of life that nurtures unity by honoring the diversity and inter-dependent wholeness of being, both human and ecological.

For transforming the society, this program presents a social vision that promotes sustainability, resilience, bio-equality, cooperation, social equity, and collaborative community planning.

Each of these three dimensions of change can later be pursued as an area of focus. But as an introduction to all of them, our Transformational Training is a foundation that prepares participants with a holistic vision of transformation, an experience of vitalizing personal practices, an exposure to uplifting community, and an inner expansion of consciousness.

Participants come out of the foundational training with a solidified and empowering integration of their whole being, and with a refined vision of their place and their work in the world.

From this base, participants can go on to take more advanced trainings that specialize in becoming proficient in the following areas:

• Meditation Teacher
• Neohumanism / New Value Base for Society
• Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT) / New Social Vision for Society


This training is led by a community of trainers, each of which brings unique and valuable knowledge and skills to share, and all of whom have had extensive experience teaching and working together in a coordinated training team.

The lead trainer will be Ravi Logan. He has led Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Life Training, Dharma Training, and Meditation Teachers Training programs.

He is the editor of the Ananda Seva Meditation Teachers Training Manual; compiler of the Ananda Marga Philosophy Self Study Program; and author of the Ananda Sutram Primer.

Lead Trainer

Ravi Logan – Ravi’s yoga practice spans 49 years. He’s traveled eight times to India for trainings and pilgrimages, and lectured and taught internationally, including in Jamaica, Russia, Korea, India, Philippines, Europe, and Cyprus.

In 2002 he founded and has served as program director for the Dharmalaya Center, recognized as an important spiritual and community center in Eugene, Oregon.

What People Are Saying

 “Attending this program enveloped me in a deep peace that lasted for months, while it reaffirmed my deep love for ALL Beings.” – Calleen, Orlando, FL

Calleen, Orlando, FL

“An incredibly inspiring, empowering, and hope building experience.” – Ariel, Manzanita, OR longer testimonial from Ariel: “Dharmalaya has at its core the ability to create space for us to remember and feel into the growth of our potential and the potential a community can have on this planet. The transformative moments experienced there can lead to great impacts in personal and community life and ripple out into the world. Thank you Dharmalaya, Ananda Seva and the Prout institute for all of your energy and efforts in transforming the future. You have made this world a better place for myself and my son.” – Ariel Wolfe

Ariel Wolfe

“Transformation Training was a unique, insightful and memorable experience. You will find yourself talking about your experience, applying your learnings, and relating to people from the lessons in all sorts of different ways you didn’t even think of until after the training.” – Chelsea, Duluth, MN

Chelsea, Duluth, MN

“My time at the Transformation Training was transformative for my soul. I strongly believe in the work they do, and hope others can benefit from it.” – Jensen, Ft. Collins, CO

Jensen, Ft. Collins, CO

“The study and deep explanation of yogic philosophy is intellectually stimulating as well as deeply heartfelt. The concepts are then practiced in daily life, so we have both the model and the mirror. And love abounds – is the foundation of it all and is palpable.” – Lois, Helena MT

Lois, Helena MT

“I loved it! I am so enthusiastic and envisioning what I can do!” – Genevieve, Eugene, OR

Genevieve, Eugene, OR

“Trainings at Dharmalaya offer a deep well of spirit, community, and knowledge, shared authentically between beings of all ages, allowing opportunity for powerful growth. My life has been changed for the better, even years since my involvement with Dharmalaya. – Adrian Lethbridge, Canada.

Adrian Lethbridge, Canada

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