Ananda Seva In Finland

Villa New Moon

Address:  Villa Uusi Kuu, Damaskuksentie 9
00560 Helsinki and Hämeenkyrö

Websites: and

Phone: +358 50 584 6896  Please call before coming!
Other Locations:
Hameenkyro (tel. +358 40 548 7652)
Tampere (tel. +358 40 548 7652)
Porvoo (tel. +358 40 828 8889 )
Please call for more information

Villa New Moon Programs

Group Meditation
Thursdays at 5:00 pm
Join us for Dharmacakra with uplifting music, chanting and kiirtan, meditation and spiritual discussions.

Villa New Moon Trainings and Retreats

Village New Moon has a history of offering enlightening experiences in holistic yoga. Programs have included:

  • Yoga Teachers Training – Yoga Teachers Training that provided in-depth yoga instruction and support for applying yoga to better society.
  • Tattvika Training– Training for those who want to deepen their spiritual practices and development. 
  • Retreats – We hold three yoga retreats per year with participants throughout Finland. Guests from other regions are always welcome.

Meditation Teachers

For more information or to learn mediation, contact one of our teachers.