Ananda Seva’s mission is to nurture, empower and unite those who feel a deep spiritual calling in their heart to steward humanity’s evolution and lay the foundation for a new era. We aspire to uplift society and affect a profound planetary transformation.



Ananda Seva works in the spirit of neohumanism to disseminate, promote, and implement the ideals and philoso­phy that can bring the upliftment of human beings, the betterment of society, and the improved welfare of all living beings.

The main sources of inspiration for Ananda Seva’s works are the teachings of P.R. Sarkar and his perennial ideal of dharma. Dharma is the deep nature of human beings to awaken their spiritual awareness of their higher self through service, wisdom, and devotion to cosmic consciousness. P.R. Sarkar is a contemporary renaissance teacher who gave visionary ideas and practical approaches to quicken the liberation of human beings and the welfare of society.


 To implement its work, Ananda Seva undertakes activity in the following program areas.


Neohumanism provides a universal value base for a unified, ecologically attuned society. Neohumanism views all life as interconnected and the expression of one unity of being. Ananda Seva affiliated individuals and centers encourage neohumanism in various spheres of social life and they model the practical implementation of a more neohumanistic and sustainable way of life.

Spiritual Development

Spirituality is the foundation of neohumanism; neohumanism arises out of a spiritual experience of life. Ananda Seva offers instruction in practices rooted in ancient yogic teachings that provide for the balanced development of body and mind while awakening direct experience of divinity. The activities through which Ananda Seva encourages spiritual life include: instruction in meditation and yoga by skilled teachers; regional and international spiritual retreats; and training programs for yoga and meditation teachers.

Social Transformation

Neohumanism provides a value base for society. There is then need for a socioeconomic system that faithfully puts neohumanist values into practice in social life. Ananda Seva promotes such a new social paradigm, PROUT, which calls for economic decentralization, cooperative economics, guaranteed basic necessities, social equity, deep sustainability, ecological protection, and more.

Yoga Philosophy

Neohumanism requires the support of a philosophy that provides dynamism in human life and that promotes the welfare of all. Ananda Seva disseminates philosophical knowledge that nurtures the expansive and equitable development of both individuals and society. We offer publications, blog articles, audio talks, trainings, and web-based courses on topics related to an expansive and spiritually-grounded philosophical outlook on life. These teachings are given in a manner that are accessible, engaging, and inspirational.



The social practice of neohumanism is sustained by the support of community. Ananda Seva encourages the development of communities that support people’s spiritual and practical lives and that bring people together to render service to the society. Our communities, where active, typically offer collective meditation, meditation and yoga classes, social service initiatives, uplifting social connections, marriage and other social ceremonies, and fun social activities.

Feminine Mysticism

It is in the spirit of neohumanism to bring forward the full potentialities of all people. Women’s development, while rapidly advancing, needs special attention in the spiritual sphere. Ananda Seva promotes the expression of feminine mysticism to help bring balance in society between women and men, to assist women in healing from wounds of abuse, and to strengthen women take active roles in social transformation.

Art for Humanity

Cultural expressions that come from the human heart has unique potential to elicit neohumanist sentiment in people, to evoke their experience of belonging to a common humanity and biosphere. Ananda Seva encourages writers and artists to apply their creative talents toward expression that unites humanity, awakens reverence for the natural world, and uplifts the human spirit.

Seva (Service)

The concept of Neohumansim embraces a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Service to humanity is a core value of Neohumanism. In that spirit, Ananda Seva supports local and global service projects. Members of AS initiate and participate in projects, large and small, including everything from clothing drives, work parties, and growing and harvesting vegetables for an Elder Care initiative, to disaster relief and livelihood projects for areas in need.

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