Neohumanism: Foundation for a New Society

Neohumanism is love put into action. It is love of self, love of others, love of plants and animals and love of the planet. Actions to promote and actualize Neohumanism come from a place centered in this universal love.

Some call this love divinity; others call it the underlying unitary consciousness. No matter what the name or picture it conjures in the mind it is simply love force applied to bring about a kinder, gentler and more humane environment for all of the planets creatures.

Love such as this needs no justification. However to apply it in the world of manifestation it needs a structure, a form and a philosophy. The philosophy of Neohumanism as first introduced by P.R. Sarkar in the 1980s addresses the need for form, structure and a coherent philosophy. However it goes on to elucidate an action plan, a way for humans to shape their actions, thoughts and words to always do the most good on the planet, to add the most positivity onto any situation.

For power and strength Neohumanism relies on focused adherence to moral codes and standards of conduct within the society as the absolutely necessary foundation to build a healthy human society while addressing the concerns and need of all living beings that make up the population of the earth.

The earth is a traveling spaceship hurtling at 67,000 miles per hour through the cosmos. Aboard the spaceship is a cargo more precious and complete than the cargo of Noah’s Ark. It carries all of the elements to maintain a healthy loving society and all of the plants and animals necessary to maintain life on the planet.

Neohumanism recognizes all the precious beings and resources of the planet and by application of the principles of Neohumanism and the Progressive Utilization Theory, the needs of all are met in a harmonious and caring way.

No one need to go hungry, no species of plant or animal needs to go extinct. The planet earth has sufficient bounty to provide for all. The economic, political and social system contained within the Progressive Utilization Theory provides the structural framework and practical application to achieve the goal of a planet living in balance and harmony.

The best way to learn Neohumanism is to immerse oneself in the topic and lifestyle by taking a 9-day training in foundations of the philosophy, the lifestyle and the practice. Further training is then available in three areas: Becoming a neohumanism activist, learning how to apply the Progressive Utilization theory as an alternative to the current dysfunctional forms of governance and economics or to become a Certified Meditation Teacher to spread the skills and practices necessary to thrive through such a turbulent era in human history and during the transformation of the planet. On any of the three directions for future study you will be given the tools and support to assist in the birthing of a new and healthy human society with proper care for the whole of every living being on the planet.

These trainings are sponsored by Ananda Seva Mission. The mission of Ananda Seva’s sponsorship of Neohumanism is:

To provide the guidance, practices and moral structure for the newly arising generation of leaders, teachers and innovators. The practices, the advanced code of morality and the universal outlook; the love for all of creation are all contained in the philosophy and practice of Neohumanism.

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