Ananda Seva Online Courses

Spiritual Science by Acharya Govinda

The ancient practices of yoga are rooted in a spiritual science that is detailed in the writings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Ananda Seva will offer an 8-week introductory course in this spiritual science. Topics covered include yogic cosmology, dharma, realms of existence, science of mind, and intuitional science. Attendees can expect insights into the benefits of meditation and yoga as well as a deepening of their own discipline.

Acharya Govinda began teaching yogic meditation to the public in 1974, and has since led classes and trainings on yogic practices and meditation in various locations in the US and in Europe. He further developed core materials used in acharya training and led acharya training in the Philippines. Govinda lives with his wife, Francey in the Washington DC area.

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Social Philosophy (PROUT) by Acharya Ravi

Ravi LoganPROUT is a guiding vision for transformative social change and a powerful paradigm for sustainable socioeconomic development. PROUT has as its fundamental purpose empowering people with opportunity to develop and express their physical, mental and spiritual potentialities, while maintaining balance among individual quality of life, collective well-being, and ecological integrity. PROUT is a vision for the future society

Acharya Ravi’s yoga practice spans 48 years. He’s traveled eight times to India for trainings and pilgrimages, and lectured and taught internationally, including in Jamaica, Russia, Korea, India, Philippines, Europe, and Cyprus. In 2002 he founded and has served as program director for the Dharmalaya Center, recognized as an important spiritual and community center in Eugene, Oregon. He’s developed and led Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Life Training, and Dharma Training programs at Dharmalaya. He’s also served as an instructor in past Tattvika and Acarya trainings. He is the primary author of the Ananda Seva Tattvika Training Manual and developed the Ananda Marga Philosophy Home Study Program.

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Ethics and Integrity in Modern Life by Acharya Ammadevi

Acharya Ammadevi has been practicing meditation and yoga for 47 years and an acharya for 15. She is a trained facilitator for individuals and large groups, and she is published in the area of organizational culture. She works as a consultant to distressed organizations helping leadership and front line staff manifest their highest ideals and improve their performance. She embodies the spirit of servant leadership with an abiding interest in a mission approach.

Cost: $60

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