Mission Statement and Program Areas of 

Ananda Seva Mission 

Ananda Seva Mission Statement

Ananda Seva works to disseminate, promote, and implement the ideals and philoso­phical principles based in dharma that can bring the upliftment of human beings, the betterment of society, and the welfare of all living beings.

Program Area Descriptions

To implement this mission, Ananda Seva undertakes program activity in the following areas:


The first area in which Ananda Seva provides service is spiritual. Ananda Seva offers practical approaches for individual spiritual development through meditation and yoga, utilizing the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga, as taught by P.R. Sarkar.

Ananda Seva also provides community to sup­port the spiritual growth of individ­uals, provide positive social activities, and give opportunities to express compassion through social service. Yogic health practices are taught to bring mind-body vitality.

Ananda Seva holds Yoga and Meditation retreats several times a year to gather in community and bring inspiration to our practices.  Yoga TrainingsSpiritual Development TrainingYoga Life Coaching and Acharya Training are all offered to further growth of spirit, as well as residential opportunities for study in our Yoga Life Trainings.



Second is disseminating metaphysical and mystical knowledge, based in the subtle science of Tantra and Yoga, to assist in the psycho-spiritual develop­ment of both individuals and society. Ananda Seva offers book and CD’s  of intuitive spiritual discourses on all knowledge areas, retreats and a wide variety of trainings to fulfill this service goal.



Third is the development of neo­humanism — an approach that provides a unifying value base for society and an outlook that fosters respect for all living beings. A meta move­ment based in neohumanism can unite and provide common cause for eco­logical, human rights, sustainability, social justice, and humanitarian movements. Ananda Seva explores these ideas in writings and offers a booklet on the subject, as well as trainings through the PROUT Institute.

Neck Point Park, Nanaimo, BC


Fourth is the development and promotion of the Progressive Utili­zation Theory (PROUT). PROUT is a new paradigm of development in­tended to guide society to­ward a balanced, equitable, dynamic and wholesome ex­pression. It is a progressive and com­prehensive social theory, articulated within a spiritual outlook. Ananda Seva has supported the development of the PROUT Institute, offers books on PROUT, study groups and trainings through the Institute.


The fifth area is the development of new scientific ideas to extend and better utilize technology for human development. In particular, a deeper understanding and application of subtle life force, new sources of energy, advancing the development of Asthanga yoga practice, cosmic theory and the application of new agricultural methods are being explored. Many writings on these subjects are available through Ananda Seva.