Davao City, Maharlika

Blissful Family Village

Address:  Km.12 Sitio Sagrada Familia, Brgy. Indangan

Facebook: Blissful Family Village

Phone: 63 942 521 5937

Programs at Blissful Family Village

Group Meditation

Join us each Sunday for devotional singing, kiirtan, meditation and spiritual discussion. All traditions are welcome.

Yoga Classes

Acharya Dada Anuvrat teaches traditional and inspirational Tantric yoga classes and meditation. 

Sustainable Davao Movement
Acharya Atmajyoti (Ellen Trazo) leads several social service activities promoting Neohumanism with a focus on green and sustainable community development work.  Service has included providing support for Typhoon Hyayan survivors in Ormoc, including plans to purchase 58 hectares that can become the permanent home to residents who depend upon fishing for their livelihood.  

About Blissful Family Village

At Blissful Family Village, we offer alternative and holistic health and massage services and teach and practice yoga, an ancient system of techniques for all-round health and well being of the individual. These techniques have been tested and refined over thousands of years, and are available to anyone willing to learn them. The scientific and easy-to-learn exercises provide a practical, natural and holistic way to achieve health and vitality. Yoga is not a religion. Anyone from any faith can practice the techniques are are most welcome at our center.

Blissful Village Retreats

Blissful Village would like to invite all Margiis to join us and our spiritual family.

(contact us for upcoming dates)

Tents encouraged
Brothers – Anuvrat and Gayatrii’s house
Sisters & children under 13 – Viji and Atmajyoti’s house

Sample Program Outline 
Day 1
12 noon – arrival and collective lunch
1:30 – 2:30 Co-operative games (EVERYONE), Introduction to retreat and expectations
3:00 – 4:30 ECE – Arts and music, play.
Tweens – Digital Photography class (please bring cameras). Composition, camera techniques, download into computer and simple editing (by Bro Mohan)
Adults – Review of 16 points (Dada Shiveshananda)
Evening program: Katha kiirtan & inspirational video “Boy with Divine Power”

Day 2
7-8 am asanas and tai chi (by Bro Anuvrata)
10-11:30 ECE and Tweens – Gardening and Horticulture class (Bro Ramesh and Adiitya)
Adults – Workshop on Food Choices 4 Health (Bro Vikash)
2:00 – 5:00 ECE – Storytelling, kids yoga (Teacher Christie)
Tweens – Prabhat Samgiita dance (Madhurii and Dhiira)
Pantomime (Narayan)
Adults – Blissful Village vision (Facilitated by Atmajyoti and Kiran)
5:00 Disperse to family homes for New Year celebrations.

Day 3
5 – 8 am – Akhanda kiirtan
Nagar kiirtan and house blessings
Competitions – Kaoshikii, Tandava plus others
12 noon – Closing ceremony and evaluation

What to Bring

  • Sleeping mats and bags
  • Tent
  • Blankets
  • Eating utensils
  • Cameras (for digital photography class)
  • Musical instruments
  • Own snacks & children’s milk.

Meditation Teachers

For more information or to learn mediation, contact one of our teachers.

Acharya Dada Anuvrat

Acharya Atmajyoti – Ellen Trazo

Acharya Dada Shiveshananda Avadhuta-Mario Anttonio V.M. Reyes

(632) 489-2280 (office)

(632) 918-9419892 (cellular)

(63) 922-9419892 (home)