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  • Ananda Seva Mission utilizes the large group of spiritual practices put forth by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. It draws from tantric and vedic practices, and follows the eight fold path of Astanga Yoga. This book gives a broad overview of these practices that can be beneficial for both the beginner and the more advanced practitioner.
  • Ronald Logan gives the first in-depth and systematic introduction to PROUT, the visionary socioeconomic theory of P.R. Sarkar. PROUT offers a constructive response - based on economic decentralism, ecological and cultural sustainability, and spiritual values - to growing global demand for a viable alternative to economic globalism, unsustainable development, economic disparity, and destruction of the global commons. It seeks to nurture the holistic development of a liberated, united society in which all individuals can fully develop and express their potentials. PROUT shares many of the program objectives of green, deep ecology, natural capitalism, and other progressive social philosophies, but is more comprehensive in scope and more firmly grounded in spiritual-humanist values.

     The author/editor, is an internationally recognized authority on PROUT and Director of the Prout Institute.

  • Yama and niyama are yogic precepts to guide our actions in the world, intended to assist in spiritual development. Yama consists of actions to avoid and niyama consists of observations which aid development. These principles were first codified by Patainjali over 2000 years ago.

    This text explains the inner intent of each principal and clarifies the relevance of the practice of yama and niyama. Through these writings, one comes to understand the underlying inter-relatedness of each of these principals and how they build upon each other to form a deep and compassionate way of being in the world. This discussion of right action is universal and knowledge useful to spiritual life can be gained by all readers.