Come with us! We are creating a moral force. And we need you!

Integrity and High Ideals in Modern Life is a 5 week online course designed to support an unwavering commitment to a set of ideals for which we, as a society, are in desperate need of for our time.  Are you inspired by the rising movements of moral force occurring right now? Are you outraged by the ethical abuses occurring in our government and institutions? Then we need you to become part of a moral force for good!  This course will use an interactive approach to learning in order to deepen understanding of and commitment to cardinal values that can form the basis of the leadership we need for a sustainable future. Attendees can expect to integrate these values into their daily lives and lead others to do the same.

Acharya Ammadevi has been practicing meditation and yoga for 47 years and an acharya for 15. She is a trained facilitator for individuals and large groups, and she is published in the area of organizational culture. She works as a consultant to distressed organizations helping leadership and front line staff manifest their highest ideals and improve their performance. She embodies the spirit of servant leadership with an abiding interest in a mission approach.

The course is free or a suggested donation of $10/class or $50 for the series.

The trainings will be held on Thursdays at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Registrants will have access to recordings of the classes in the event you cannot make the designated time.

For more information, contact Ammadevi at (818) 903-6125

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