PROUT is a guiding vision for transformative social change and a powerful paradigm for sustainable socioeconomic development. PROUT has as its fundamental purpose empowering people with opportunity to develop and express their physical, mental and spiritual potentialities, while maintaining balance among individual quality of life, collective well-being, and ecological integrity. PROUT is a vision for the future society.

Ravi Logan is the Executive Director of the PROUT Institute, where he is engaged in the Institute’s training programs and in implementing its local development projects. He is the principal author of PROUT: A New Paradigm of Development and is a frequent contributor to the PROUT Journal. In 1993, he co-authored the Plan for the Economic Development of Khabarovsk Krai on the Basis of PROUT, a project undertaken at the invitation of the Vice-Governor of Khabarovsk Krai in Far East Russia. He has helped draft several policy papers for the Global PROUT Policy Parliament and is responsible for coordinating the Institute’s Community Transformations Training program. His new book, A New Interpretation of Revolution, is scheduled for publication in 2018. He is also the founder and program director of the spiritual center Dharmalaya, which has as its mission “to promote dharma holistically in personal, social and ecological spheres of life.”

The trainings will be held on Sundays at 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

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