Ananda Seva Mission Programs

Ananda Seva Mission works to disseminate, promote, and implement the ideals and philoso-phical that can bring the upliftment of human beings, the betterment of society, and the welfare of all living beings.

The main sources of inspiration for Ananda Seva’s works are the teachings of P.R. Sarkar and perennial ideal of dharma. Dharma is the deep nature of human beings to evolve their spiritual awareness through service, wisdom, and devotion. P.R. Sarkar is a contemporary renaissance man who brought forward philosophic understandings and spiritual practices to quicken the spiritual liberation of human beings and the transformation of the human society.

To implement its mission, Ananda Seva undertakes program activity in the following program areas.

Spiritual Development

Ananda Seva offers a holistic system of spiritual instruction rooted in the ancient teachings of Tantra and Ashtanga Yoga, incorporating karma (service), bhakti (devotion), and jina’na (knowledge) yogas, and providing for the balanced development of body and mind while awakening spiritual realization. Support for spiritual development includes: personal instruction in meditation and yoga practices by trained teachers; local and international retreats; meditation, yoga postures, and yoga philosophy classes; and meditation teacher trainings.

Philosophy of Life

Ananda Seva is active in disseminating philosophical knowledge intended to assist with the expansive development both the individual and the society. We make available on the website,, original metaphysical teachings giving the science of yoga and the basic philosophical base for psycho-spiritual development. These teachings are given in a manner accessible to the modern mind. Ananda Seva also offers web-based courses on yoga philosophy.


Neohumanism provides a value base for a unified, ecologically attuned humanity that views all life as interconnected and expressions of one unity of being. Ananda Seva offers a web based course in neohumanism, an annual retreat with a strong neohumanism focus, social media

expressions of neohumanism, and the introductory book, Neohumanism: New Values for a New World. Our centers model a practical implementation of a neohumanistic and sustainable way of life.

Social Theory

Ananda Seva supports development of the society through popularizing the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT) social philosophy PROUT is a socioeconomic paradigm which synthesizes economic decentralization, global political collaboration, guaranteed minimum necessities, social equity, cooperative economics, ecological protection, and more. Ananda Seva has an associative relationship with the PROUT Institute ( which is focused on bringing forward PROUT in theory and practice.

New Science

New science involves bringing forward the concept of microvita (life force energy) and exploring other innovative scientific ideas, particularly the development of magnetic resonance energy. The website offers discourses on a variety of new science topics.

Women’s Spirituality

Ananda Seva supports the expression of feminine spirituality — connecting with the nurturing and loving archetypal energy of the Mother Goddess. Cultivation of feminine spirituality can help restore feminine and masculine balance in society, assist women in healing from the wounds of patriarchy, and encourage women take active roles in social revitalization. Deep understandings of feminine spirituality are presented in the book, Discourses in Feminine Mysticism.

Spiritual Communities

Ananda Seva seeks to catalyze the development of spiritual communities and to activate them to provide support for community members spiritual and practical lives and to render services to the general society. Our spiritual communities, where active, offer regular collective meditation, meditation and yoga classes, opportunities for social service, uplifting social connections, marriage and other social ceremonies, and fun and uplifting social activities.

Art for Blessedness

Ananda Seva is encouraging writers and artists to apply their creative talents toward the mission of “art for service and blessedness.” This arena of Ananda Seva’s work is getting established mainly in the arena of uplifting music, as well as original dramas performed at spiritual retreats.


Ananda Seva encourages its affiliated communities to undertake service projects to benefit local communities. Much of this work to date has been in the arena of disaster relief.