Dharma Talks

Uplifting meditation discussions presented by Ananda Seva meditation teachers (acharyas). 

#1 Guided Meditation

#3 Guided Meditation

#5 Guided Meditation

Be Great

Creating a Positive Psychic Force


Flags in the Wind

Guidelines for Being in the World

Guru’s Devotion for Us

Hari the Thief

Health for Humanity

Here I am

How to Decide?

I am Divinity

Identify with the Greater Self

In Sweet Surrender

Lesson from the Mahabharata

Let Delusions Fall Away

Liberation of Scripture

New Years’ Message 2020

Personal Power Is Irrelevant

Rags of Light


Separation, Desire and Wholeness

Spiritual Intention

Spiritual Microvita

Rags of Light

The Benefits of the Quiet Mind

The Case for Joy in These Trying Times

The Essence of Father

The Human Need for Beauty

The Vitalizing Effect of Beauty

The Ways of Dharma are Subtle

Vitalize the Immune System

We Are the Biome of Gaia

We Are the Cosmic Mind

We Are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For

What is Moral Action?

You Are the Master of Your Soul

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