Receiving Diiksha

Ananda Seva offers individualized instruction in meditation practice through the traditional process of Diiksha. To receive Diiksha is to sit with a well-trained and experienced meditation instructor (Acharya) and learn an individualized practice.

When one receives diksha within this ancient tradition, it is not only a process of learning a mantra and practice but it is also a process of receiving a transmission of spiritual Shakti directly from the Master, given through the Acharya to you.

During diiksha your Acharya will explain the meditation practice and give a mantra. Then you meditate briefly with your Acharya. During this time the connection is made and the blessings of the Sat Guru are received, so that the illumination and realization are passed on in seed form.

Through your regular practice of the meditation, this seed of Enlightenment germinates and grows to illumine the mind and open the heart to the direct experience of the joy and beauty of the Divine Self.

To find an Acarya to study with please view the listing of Centers and Teachers to find an Acarya near you to study with.