Tantra & Ashtanga


Ananda Seva offers a systematic approach for bringing balance into your life through practices based on the traditions of Tantra and Ashtanga Yoga. The core of this program is both internal meditation on eternal essence and external application of growing spiritual awareness through actions based in deep spiritual principles.

If you are interested in learning tantra and ashtanga yogic meditation please see our listing Centers and Teachers to find a local Acharya to study with.



Tantra is an ancient science of transmutation whereby that which is crude is transformed into that which is subtle. The path of Tantra does not reject the world but works to fundamentally change our relationship to the world. The practices help us to transform our perceptual field, replacing conditioned thinking with awareness of the fundamental unified nature of all that is.

Tantra utilized the approaches and practices of Bhakti yoga or devotional love for the Divine, Karma yoga or service to all beings, and Jnana yoga or right understanding, to bring the heart and mind into deep realization of the eternal nature of the one cosmic Self. It incorporates esoteric science and knowledge of kundalini, chakras, and subtle energy to raise the sleeping Divinity within. Through practice one comes to see this world and all life as one blissful, eternal existence. One comes to know the unchanging essence of all that appears to change, the deep essence of one’s existence, the omnipresent love, truth, and consciousness.



Ashtanga yoga literally means the eight fold path and gives eight limbs of practice that, when combined with the understanding of Tantra, provides a powerful and comprehensive system of practices for spiritual transformation. The eight limbs of Asthanga Yoga include the external practices of Yama and Niyama for right action in the world and purifying the mind, Asana or yoga postures for purifying of the body, Pranayama for calming the mind and strengthening the breath, and the internal meditative practices of Pratyhara for withdrawing from attachments to concentrate the mind, Dharana for developing concentration, Dyhana for meditation flow, and Samadhi for unification and realization.

Ananda Seva’s practices, incorporating both Tantra and Ashtanga yoga, give support to the development of one’s body, mind and spirit so that deep realization of the Eternal Self can be a reality in one’s life. The core of the practice is meditation upon the Great. But for that meditation to be really effective and the realizations attained seep into the cells of one’s body and one’s daily life, support practices are needed. Asana, pranayama, Kirtan, devotional singing, right action and other practices all work as an integrated whole to help us transform this life which may appear mundane into life Divine.