Seva (Service) Projects

Ananda Seva dedicates itself to be in service to our local communities and the global community. The word “Ananda” in Sanskrit means “Blissful,” and “Seva” means “Service.” Together, this creates a formula for how Ananda Seva seeks to contribute to a culture of  service to one another in daily life and to the larger human family across the globe.


Ananda Seva organizes small local service projects for individuals and organizations needing help in the Eugene community throughout the year. Examples of these projects include:

  • yardwork for cancer victims;
  • garden work at the local Food for Lane County Youth Farm;
  • installing flower boxes and planting flowers at local nursing homes;
  • growing and providing free vegetable starts from the Vistara project in Eugene, Oregon.

Ananda Seva raises money to help children in remote parts of the Philippines. Funds raised are used to buy school supplies and shoes, and to support education. This project has taken on a variety of forms over the years, and continues to provide support in partnership with Sister Ellen Trazo (Acarya Atmayoti) of Ananda Seva in Davao, Philippines.


Sails of Hope Project. Ananda Seva organized a large fundraiser to help victims of a devastating Typhoon in the Philippines. Partnering with the Philippines Ananda Seva chapter, efforts were directed toward smaller fishing villages who did not receive international aid. Ananda Seva helped fund local boat makers to create a total of 80 fishing boats, one large motorized boat, and fishing nets for villages whose fleets and livelihoods were destroyed by the typhoon.


Healing Hands of Eugene. Ananda Seva organized a fundraiser for the victims of the tsunami in Indonesia. Ananda Seva partnered with the City of Eugene, who provided space at the HULT Center for this event, located in downtown Eugene. In this fundraiser, local healers set up stations to offer healing work in exchange for donations for the tsunami victims. Funds were distributed through the AMURT organization.


Ananda Seva organizes a Holiday Benefit Party and Raffle each year in December at the Dharmalaya Center in Eugene, Oregon. Funding is distributed to several organizations that provide shelter and medical care for the unhoused population. The main beneficiaries have been Community Supported Shelters and Occupy Medical.


Ananda Seva raised funds for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico through an AMURT project to provide tarps and flashlights to those who had lost roofs and electricity.

Ananda Seva continues to raise funds to help with an AMURT project in Nigeria to support economic empowerment for widows. Initially, microloans were given to women and, once the project was seeded, the project became completely sustainable. This successful work continues to be replicated and expanded in new villages. Women’s Economic Empowerment Project

Ananda Seva supports the AMURTEL Family in Romania, a project which helps to facilitate a caring family environment of protection and hope for vulnerable children as they grow to become productive members of the society. This project is directed by Ananda Devapriva.



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