Chris Simmonds

Dharmaseva Head
Michele Renee

Chris Simmonds,
Acharya Chandranatha
Dharmaseva Head
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Chris Simmonds is a meditation teacher who completed his Acharya training in 2003, and is referred to by the spiritual community as Acharya Chandranath. He has been an active meditator and participant within the community for more than 40 years, and considers himself to be a “full time yogi with a daytime job.” During the week, he is working on architectural projects, inspired through creative process cultivate by his daily sitting process. He truly believes that in “any line of work, meditation (especially Sahaj meditation), can enhance a person’s focus and life.”

Chris currently teaches and guides meditation classes for people who are interested in the spiritual path with Ananda Seva, and is working on creating free meditation video resources that are accessible to the public. Register for free weekly meditation classes from Chris or use the contact form below to request more information.

Get in contact with Chris using the form below. (Select Acharya Chandranatha in the drop-down menu before filling out the rest.)

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