Guy Prouty, Ph. D.

Media Expert
Guy Prouty

Guy Prouty, Ph. D.,
Acharya Jayadeva
Media Expert
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Guy Prouty, Ph.D., known as Acharya Jayadeva, is an Instructor of Anthropology at Boise State University, and has been a practicing archaeologist and a scholar of North American and world prehistory since 1982. In the mid-2000’s, Acharya Jayadeva became involved with Ananda Seva when he learned about a permaculture course taking place at Dharmalaya in Eugene, Oregon. From there, he joined the Ananda Seva non-profit board and the leadership and management team of the organization, and currently works with development and management of the Ananda Seva website. 

As a young person, Acharya Jayadeva grew up in a conservative area of the world, where he learned a lot of religion, but was not inspired by the dogmatic approaches that religion took. He describes himself as “spiritual, but not religious.” As such, Acharya Jayadeva was inspired by the spiritual and meditation practices of Ananda Seva, and through this organization, learned that he was experiencing life throught a neohumanist lense since he was a child. He shares, “I was deeply embedded in the natural world around me growing up, which helped me develop my spiritual life. What I was missing was a spiritual connection with people, and when I started learning about neohumanism, it filled the void I felt missing around spiritual connection with the planet and the beings on it.”

Since becoming a part of the Ananda Seva community, Acharya Jayadeva has taken a variety of classes to learn more about meditation, yoga, and neohumanism; completed the organization’s yoga teacher training in 2002; and completed his Acharya training in 2010. Acharya Jayadeva shares that “meditation serves as a connection point to humanity, myself, and Paramaparusa (God). I fell in love with synergistic holistic systems, which deepened my experience that I’ve had since I was a kid in feeling truly and deeply connected with other beings on the planet.”

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