Jill Whalen

Guy Prouty

Jill Whalen,
Eugene, OR

Jill Whalen, known as Jagatmitra, was introduced to Ananda Seva through a local friend in 2019. In the organization, Jagatmitra helps the organization as a Treasurer on the board. Outside of Ananda Seva, while she is retired, she continues to utilize her expertise as accountant, tax preparer, and bookkeeper at local churches and non-profit organizations as well. Jagatmitra shares that she “loves meditation,” and that, ”meditation helps me focus on what is important, what I can or cannot change, and let go of things that are outside of my control. The meditation practices of Ananda Seva are beneficial because they have structure, which I do really well with. I have also enjoyed all of the retreats and courses I have taken with Ananda Seva so far.” Through synchronistic life events, the vision of Neohumanism and PROUT continues to show up for her in her life, starting in the 1980’s when she placed a PROUT flyer in a Joy of Cooking cookbook that she still owns to this day. Jagatmitra shares that being in a meditation community helps her reflect on how “other people may have it more challenging than [her], which offers the opportunity release the ego and focus on what is important.” She truly recognizes that it is a “joy to gather and meet with like-minded people.”

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