Michele Renee

Board President, Communications Director
Michele Renee

Michele Renee,
Acharya Madhuliika
Board President,
Communications Director
Eugene, OR

Michele Renee, known as Acharya Madhuliika and Madhu, has been involved with the organization since 1995 at its inception. Starting out as a volunteer, her roles have evolved over time, from volunteer and retreat organizer to her current roles as Communications Director and Board President. She was elected president of the Board of Directors in April of 2021. She takes great joy and consideration in the communication and collaboration aspects of Ananda Seva, including welcoming new people, maintaining the public face of the organization, and promoting classes and events. Acharya Madhuliika expresses that she “has never worked with another group of people who were so motivated by a true sense of service, and so unmotivated by ego. It makes it easy to work together, and contribute to this organization, and ultimately, the larger community of humanity.”

Before joining Ananda Seva, Madhu had been initiated into Tibetan Buddhism, and found herself truly inspired to go deeper into meditation when she was given initiation and a practice through Ananda Seva. She shares that “this practice is the most treasured jewel she possesses.” Outside of the organization, Acharya Madhuliika has been a high school teacher for over 30 years, co-founder of Dharmalaya in Eugene, Oregon, a loving wife, and a mother to her daughter, Asha. 

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