Online Courses

Ananda Seva Mission works to disseminate and implement the ideals and philosophical principles based in dharma that can bring the upliftment of human beings, the betterment of society, and the welfare of all living beings. To deepen the understanding of the philosophical ideals of dharma, Ananda Seva is offering several online courses in 2019. 

Meditation Instruction

Ananda Seva Mission’s individualized meditation instruction is based in the traditions of Asthanga Yoga & Classical Tantra. They are given in one-on-one appointments with one of our local Acharyas (meditation teachers). To find an Acharya near you visit our Centers and Teachers page.  Sessions are by donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

PROUT Institute

The PROUT Institute of Eugene Oregon offers intensives in social transformation training. Participants are introduced to the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT) paradigm of development and learn a comprehensive set of economic design principles, participatory planning methods, and community organizing tools for catalyzing positive change in their local communities. Trainings balance theory with practical application and team-building exercises, including a group design project that engages a real world community development problem.

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