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Yoga Psychology

Cost: $100
Place: Pre-recorded lectures taught on Teachable.  Available anytime!

Join Ravi for a six-week course that will explore yoga psychology and subtle body theory in depth. View his introduction to the course.

This class will integrate the concepts below into a holistic understanding of human life and of spiritual evolution.

Topics include:

  • chakras
  • kundalini
  • layers of mind (koshas)
  • atman
  • prana
  • mind-body interface
  • vrittis
  • microvita
  • death-afterlife-rebirth
  • nadiis
  • non-corporeal subtle bodies (devayonis)
  • plexi and endocrine glands
  • samskara formation
  • impact of asanas on the subtle body
  • stages of spiritual evolution
  • and more


The class format includes PowerPoint presentations which can be viewed at your convenience.

The instructor for this course is Acharya Ravi. He is the co-founder and program director of the spiritual center, Dharmalaya, and is a lead trainer for Transformation Education, a program which offers residential trainings, meditation teacher mentoring, a philosophy self-study program, and on-line classes and courses.

Ravi has instructed residential training programs that include:
  • Dharma Training
  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Life Training
  • Community Transformation Training
  • Meditation Teacher Training
  • PROUT Training
  • Tattvika Training
  • Transformational Training


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