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Baba’s Birthday

Every year on the full moon in May, Ananda Seva celebrates the birth of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. This year we celebrate his 100th!  He was dedicated to the task of planetary transformation and the upliftment of...

Heartspace Meditation

Join Chris Simmonds every week for a 40 minute class of mindfulness, gentle movement, and guided meditation to discover your unbounded self. Calm your mind, become centered and move into a space of compassion for yourself...

Transformation Seminar

Transform yourself. Transform society. Ananda Seva offers an online seminar for people with a particularly sincere interest in learning yoga philosophy and practices. This seminar program will meet weekly. Instruction will...

Neohumanism as Antidote to Conspiracy, Dogma and Exploitation

Join Jason Schreiner for an informative and inspiring class. Our world is currently awash in misinformation and conspiracy theories that act as poisons to the human intellect, numbing critical thinking and obscuring...

Women’s Spirituality Through the Ages

Join Liisa Kannisto for an informative and uplifting powerpoint presentation exploring historical expressions of women’s spirituality in ancient goddess religion, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Judaism, Christianity, Islam,...

Role of the Arts in the Liberation of Humanity

Join noted musician Dr. Genevieve Mason in a class that will explore ways that art, music and literature can become a path to liberation for humanity. Based on P. R. Sarkar’s discourses on the role of the arts. After...

Transformation Training

August 06th-14th, 2021 | At the Dharmalaya Center, Eugene, Oregon Transform yourself. Transform society. Transform yourself. Transform society. August 06-14th, 2021 At the Dharmalaya Center, Eugene, OregonA training for...

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training What are Meditation Teachers?   Meditation teachers are spiritual teachers and guides. They are grounded in spiritual and social philosophy as given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti so that they...

Twice Daily Spiritual Practice

  Join us for twice daily for invigorating yogic dance (kaoshikii), devotional songs (kiirtan) and silent meditation. Stay on after the morning meditation for “daily check-in” for a chance to give and receive support...

Sadhana Shivir

Join us for a monthly extended meditation program designed for those who want to take their meditation to a deeper level. This program is open to everyone. The program includes a repeated pattern of 15 minutes of yogic...


COVID-19 has put added strain on isolated areas in Maharlika (also known as the Philippines). Our siblings in the islands of Maharlika need our support to receive food and other aid.



Ananda Seva works in the spirit of neohumanism to disseminate, promote, and implement the ideals and philoso­phy that can bring the upliftment of human beings, the betterment of society, and the welfare of all living beings.

The main sources of inspiration for Ananda Seva’s works are the teachings of P.R. Sarkar and his perennial ideal of dharma. Dharma is the deep nature of human beings to awaken their spiritual awareness of their higher self through service, wisdom, and devotion to cosmic consciousness. P.R. Sarkar is a contemporary renaissance teacher who gave visionary ideas and practical approaches to quicken the liberation of human beings and the welfare of society.


Be Great

  I recently wrote to a friend that I haven’t been in touch with for many years, though I had once been quite close with him and we [were] colleagues together, taking up some form of idealistic work. He wrote back right away, and in his greeting, said “Namaskar Ravi – Great man!” We used to have an environment of work that was very supportive and encouraging, and we...

Health for Humanity

  About a thousand years ago, a new approach to yoga was developed. This person, a yogi, whose name is mostly associated with it is Matsyendra. This name may be familiar to some of you because his name was used for naming a very famous yoga posture, matsyendrasana, a spinal twist. He was apparently the inventor of it. Matsyendra was a part of a group of people whose...

The Ways of Dharma are Subtle

  When I am in the role of a trainer or as an Acharya, I like that people have a clear understanding of philosophical concepts. Sometimes, I am very particular, and sometimes am quite particular in relation to fuzzy new-age thinking that I see. One of my initiates meets with me monthly, and he was saying that he read that “everything happens to us that we have chosen,...

Do Not Despair

A couple weeks ago, Claire sent me a link to an article, as she sometimes does. This article contained a graph that showed over the last 120 years of the frequency of what are called “Deaths of Despair.” [Graph shown below.] “Deaths of Despair” are the combination of deaths that occur due to suicide, drug overdose, or alcoholism, and it is interesting to see how this charts...

Climate Change: Meeting Our Planetary Crisis

“Humanity should unite in concerted care for the ecosystem upon which we all depend. Around the world Latin America and Asia have a much greater concern about climate change than does North America or China. We should remain vigilant in watching those vested interests who would sow the seeds of confusion in order to preserve their economic supremacy.”

Climate Change: Action In Service to Our Planet and its Ecosystem

“I don’t remember a summer like this. It has been in the 90’s (30’s Celsius) every day for the past month. That, and the Ohio humidity, make working in the garden enjoyable only in the early morning and evening this July. The heat has been oppressive. But today I am hoping that we will be blessed with an afternoon thunderstorm that will extinguish the heat and provide a good show of nature’s pyrotechnics: thunder and lightning.”

Passive and Active Meditation

“Through mantra, through visualization, or through various systematic processes of ideation…there is an active effort to concentrate the mind, to withdraw from the senses, and to turn the mind inwards in ideation upon the Great.”

Seeing Through the Anger and Frustration

Violence is spilling into the streets. Do you have a comment on this?The anger and frustration have been building up for some time.

Healing With Surrender

People need to be comforted and inspired. Primary discomfort comes from mental and emotional disturbance, and this is cured with surrender.

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The ideas that represent the past — the ideas of greed-based capitalism — are becoming harder to sustain while the strength and unity of people involved in an emerging progressive awareness is growing strong. The very existence of these transformative ideas is the expression of a freeing of consciousness and the dwindling down on what was.

As the grip of the past gives way there is shift, there is change. But the capitalist era does not give way without resistance. So, there must be a struggle for change. There is opportunity for the new, but this occurs within the struggle for a new social ideal. The forces of evolution are supporting change. But we are the ones who must make the effort. This evolution is built on the work of people.

As social change grows it will move beyond those who are stuck in negativity to people who are positive and action-oriented. The situation is changing. It is time to take an approach of empowerment, of fundamental change, of practical solutions. There are many who are restless. They see the problems; they see the difficulties; they see the collision course ahead. But they don’t know what to do. They need solution-based ideas. The more solution-based ideas are there, the more these ideas can be implemented, the less severe, the less devastating, will be the process of change. There is a pull that draws humanity toward a new phase, a new era. It is a time to be dynamically active.


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